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CTO-level technical leadership, if and when you need it.

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a “big idea” or an established business ready to spin up a new mission-critical project, Continuous Software is your partner to achieve your goals.

Smart human answers to complex business problems.

Our experience spans the entire software development value chain. We are the go-to technical partner for businesses and startups to elevate your game. We have expertise and we can speak your language.

Depending upon your individual challenges and goals, we can determine how to best lay a sustained foundation for continuous success. This could include building an early prototype/proof of concept, providing architecture/design/development support to get a product off the ground or building your MVP.

Whether you are seeking a short term or part-time CTO, a technical lead, a development team, or all three, we have the advanced skills to serve as your experienced technical partner and bring your big idea to life.

Technical Partner Areas of Specialty

Requirements analysis/refinement

Project Planning

High-level architecture analysis

UI/UX Design

Technology evaluation/selection

Prototype/Proof of Concept Development

MVP Development

Ongoing Development

Finding and Building your in-house Development Team


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